“…the paddle (Kingfisher) is beautiful and has been put to good use. Just got back from a trip down the River Dart with her, and she has paddled the River Fowey, and Taunton canals now as well. Very happy with her…she is amazing. Sixteen miles on the Dart on Saturday and ideal with plenty of gentle power in a calm and serene way in such waters. The weight and handle are perfect and so comfortable for all day paddling. I also love the bag which is beautifully made. The paddle and bag are great pieces of art as well as brilliantly functional.” Andy Barnett, Truro, Cornwall, Oct 2016

“Paddle arrived this morning, in perfect condition…completely thrilled. It really is a beautiful work of art and craftsmanship, so our huge thanks. It will be in action this afternoon…” Susie Moran, Portsmouth, Aug 2016

“Alan is delighted with his Big Dipper paddle. Thank you for all your time, effort and advice in helping me to give him such a beautiful birthday gift. I can assure you he will treat it with as much care and respect as you have clearly put into making it.” Helen Pinnington, Liverpool, Aug 2016

“I received the paddles today in good order. They look fantastic! We are eager to try them out as soon as possible.” Dr Craig Roberts, Colwyn Bay, Aug 2016

“Paddles arrived. I threw the boat on the roof of the car. I’ve been up and down the river until dark. So happy with the paddles. Thanks for all your help with the sizing and care advice.” Rob Menown, Chelmsford, Aug 2016

“Paddles arrived today…first impression: they look awesome! Thank you, great service.” David Atkinson, Co. Durham, July 2016

“Paddle arrived…great feel and much lighter than my other paddle, great finish and you are better at pyrography than me! I have just used the Big Dipper over the last three days on tidal water with rafted canoes (year eights from London) great paddle to keep control of the boats, lots of power to turn the boats and paddle against the current and wind, also used to control the boats while the sail was up. Great paddle to use and not too flexible. Thanks.” David Richardson (C2 instructor), Thorley, June 2016

“Paddle has arrived safely thanks, can’t wait to get out and try it.” Pete Seymour, Berkshire, June 2016

“It’s just arrived, it’s beautiful! Looking forward to caressing the water with it. Many thanks for the first of, hopefully, a quiver.” Dave Luke, Bethesda, June 2016

“Just to let you know the Dipper arrived safely today – Looks great!” Paul Reardon, Biggleswade, May 2016

“The paddle arrived safely today thanks. I’m really pleased, it’s even better than I was expecting!” Marc Nicholson, Clapham, May 2016

“Thank you for the paddles. They just arrived! Beautiful craftsmanship as ever. Both recipients are very happy!” Ben Parker (Outdoor Instructor), Cambridge, May 2016

“It’s here and looks stunning not sure I want to use it!… I ran a 3 Star training & assessment weekend and let them try the Kingfisher…they all loved it!” Don Constable, Bury, May 2016

“Once in a while we find something in life that transcends its original purpose and design and put simply, stops us in our tracks. It is both beautiful, practical and an object you can’t be without. This is the story of Downcreek Paddles and their Big Dipper and Kingfisher canoe paddles. They arrived at Paddler HQ greeted with the excitement of Christmas morning festivities.” Richard Matheson Harpham (Instructor-Adventurer-Racer-Journalist-Tester at, Bedford, March 2016