Our paddles are created from a selection of quality hardwoods and are of laminated construction. The laminating technique adds strength & durability by limiting the influence & progress of inherent weaknesses or flaws sometimes found within a piece of timber. Stability is also added as the maker can counteract any grain twisting tendencies through wood selection & orientation. It also results in increased elasticity, meaning a nice degree of flex is present, making them easy on the shoulders for longer stints on the water. Aesthetically, this method allows for a striking two-tone wood combination when paired with another wood in the shaft and grip. The blades are of “bookmatched” timber giving balance to both sides of the spine. The shafts have a slightly ovalised section to create a positive lower hand grip.

On our standard paddles the handles are Pear gripped. The handle plates featured on both the Swan (Northwoods pattern) and Kingfisher (Algonquin pattern) necessitates a Roll-Top grip. The Ball grip profile is used on the children’s paddles. All paddles are resin tipped & finished with multiple oil coats. We have developed a Hybrid T-Grip that features on both the WW BigDipper and the WW Dipper and finishing off our Curlew bent-shaft paddle is an Offset Pear Grip.



swallow swallow swallow-5 

We were approached by a couple of European Freestyle magicians to see if we fancied trying our hand at a “Canadian Style” paddle. The Swallow was developed with a lot of input from the guys at the German/Dutch coaching & guiding business Canoe&Survival. A magic wand of a paddle; slender, lightweight, beautifully balanced, with a progressive flex, a slim rounded shaft, and a “soft-
spot” low-down in the blade.

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A recent addition to our range is the WW Dipper…the little sibling to its big brother. This has been added to the line-up after several requests from smaller paddlers, who felt the WW Big Dipper would be too much blade for them and we knew it would balance better in the shorter lengths due to the smaller blade area. Whilst sharing the same blade profile as its namesake, it has been totally redesigned to create a paddle that is extremely capable in up to Grade 3 white water conditions, yet still being a pleasure to paddle with all day. Relatively light, strong, stiff and very durable, this paddle is the river runner’s dream.

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curlew curlew curlew 

Bent-shaft paddles, whilst not a new invention, have only recently been discovered by more leisure minded canoeists. Whilst we developed this paddle for marathon & expedition paddling, for covering big distances & big water over multiple days, even weeks, it’s not to say the Curlew can’t be used in more casual & relaxing circumstances, and is quite at home cruising rivers & lakes with friends & family.

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WW Big Dipper WW Big Dipper Blade WW Big Dipper Grip 

A recent addition to our range is the WW Big Dipper. Although it shares the same blade shape as its namesake, it has been totally redesigned to create a paddle that is extremely capable in up to Grade 3 white water conditions, whilst being a pleasure to paddle with all day. Relatively light, strong, stiff and very durable, this paddle is the river runner’s dream.

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Big Dipper in Ash & Walnut Big Dipper in Cherry & Walnut Pear grip in American Cherry & Black Walnut 

Still taking its cue from the original Beavertail style blades, this paddle is superb in a multitude of situations. Along with the regular blade size (The Dipper) we now offer this expanded version, giving even more control, catch & power. We are proud to say this paddle was developed in conjunction with the mighty Ray Goodwin and looks set to rival our Kingfisher in popularity.

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The Pintail in Maple Pintail in Maple & Black Walnut Pear grip in Maple & Walnut 

The Pintail paddle is a recent creation from Downcreek Paddles. It’s a Jack-of-all-Trades & Master of Some. An all-rounder that has a powerful blade with good catch & firm flex, yet still a fine edge for subtle control. This paddle will forge into a headwind across open Loughs, Lakes & Lochs. It will pilot the adventuring soloist through the nooks & crannies of shallow creeks. It will power you home when the weather has turned & you’re late back to camp. It will even pull you some moves if you like to free your style!

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The Heron in English Cherry & Black Walnut The Heron in Black Walnut & English Cherry Pear grip in English Cherry & Black Walnut

The “Heron” is a recent addition to the family & one that has met with very enthusiastic response. The blade pattern is actually the original template we designed for our Kingfisher paddle mated to our standard shaft & grip. This design was conceived as a deep-water tripping paddle, but initial testing indicated it should not be pigeon-holed as such, as it offers excellent control & is light and easy in use, working well in whatever position in the boat it is deployed in. The long narrow blade slices silently yet delivers more than enough power when needed.

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 The Dipper in Black Walnut The Dipper in Sweet Chestnut & Black Walnut Pear grip in Ash

Of the classic Beavertail style, this paddle excels in most environments and is especially useful into a headwind. This blade shape gives a fine balance of catch & power and is extremely good for manoeuvring strokes as it enables quick direction changes. Again a pair can be supplied with a slightly smaller blade for the bow position giving a better power ratio for easier steering.

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Lapwing in American Cherry & Black Walnut The Lapwing blade in Ash Slim pear grip in Black Walnut & American Cherry

In the traditional Ottertail pattern, a classic touring paddle suited to deep
water and equally comfortable employed at bow or stern.

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The Avocet in English Cherry & Maple The Avocet blade in Sweet Chestnut Slim pear grip in Black Walnut & English Cherry

A modern adaptation of the Beavertail design with a longer, fuller blade. This
paddle moves a lot of water quickly.

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The Swan in Black Walnut Swan blade in Ash Swan Northwoods handle in Irish Ash & Black Walnut

Based on the legendary Northwoods style, this paddle originates from Indian tribes native to the Northwoods region of Eastern Canada and Maine. The increased length & striking scalloped handle-plate grip enable a variety of different strokes to be used, including those deployed from a standing position. Along with a traditional grip position, this scalloping gives three further stations for overhand gripping, allowing the paddler to effectively shorten or lengthen the paddle when water depths vary. During longer stints, adopting an overhand grip drastically reduces wrist cramp & muscle fatigue. A balanced pair is ideal, where a slightly reduced shaft length & blade area for the bow position retains power distribution & stern steering bias.

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Kingfisher in American Cherry & Black Walnut  Kingfisher blade in Black Walnut & English Cherry Kingfisher Algonquin handle in American Cherry & Black Walnut

Modeled on the long narrow bladed Algonquin, which was traditionally a Cree Indian hunting paddle, this is both quiet & efficient to use. The handle of this
paddle allows for the common grip or for a sliding Northwoods stroke. We have had very positive feedback about the ability of this paddle for sculling strokes.

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The Little Egret - Sweet Chestnut & Black Walnut The Little Egret - Sweet Chestnut & Black Walnut The Little Egret - Sweet Chestnut & Black Walnut

The Little Egret is our youth paddle styled on the classic Ottertail, but with a slimmer shaft, rock-guard resin tip, smaller blade area & a Little-pear grip. As this paddle bridges the gap between children & adults, we “grow” the blade in tandem with increasing shaft length.

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The Little Grebe - Irish Ash The Little Grebe blade in Irish Ash  Baby-ball grip in Irish Ash & Sweet Chestnut

The Little Grebe is our children’s paddle & is based on the classic Beavertail. It has an extra slim shaft, smaller blade, thicker edge and a Baby-ball grip.

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Little Tern in Sweet Chestnut & Irish Ash Little Tern blade in Sweet Chestnut with Iroko tip Little Tern in Sweet Chestnut & Irish Ash 

The Little Tern is our kid’s kayak paddle. Developed to aid co-ordination and reduce fatigue in young paddlers. Made from lightweight Chestnut with a reinforced Ash spine, it is low weight, with a nice flex to go easy on young muscles & joints. It has non-feathered, in-line blades with a small catch area, squared positive grip stations and ultra-hard Iroko tips.  As this paddle is aimed at 4 – 8 year olds, we grow the blades along with the the loom as overall length increases.

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